Textured labels: An infinite choice of materials and finishes for your luxury labels

From the most classical material to the most extravagant, you are always looking for some innovation for your packaging. Whether a glossy finish, soft or well textured paper, DB Premium joins forces with an exceptional partner to bring you unique high end labels.

During a thorough exchange with our teams, you will indicate all the necessary elements so that the material chosen matches your project: the medium used, the use of the product, its conservation…

Synthetic labels remain the most popular thanks to their resistance and their printing quality. However, if you wish a bolder label for your packaging, DB Premium will be able to impress you with its choice of materials and the associated ennoblement processes.

DB Premium has a full range of materials to enhance your packaging and brand.

We use FSC materials respectful of the environment.


Paper labels: when simplicity means luxury


Paper labels offer you an incredible finish and can fit every field of activity. This material offers a printing precision as well as an unsurpassed intensity of colors.

Some papers are smooth, others more textured, and some let some fine lines appear by transparency.

Most of them are a shade of white: deep white, ivory white, linen white, cold white… Others take the appearance of brown paper, aged paper or embossed paper.

You are looking for a very specific paper to match the spirit of your products? You would like a specific adhesive that can answer the constraints of your activity?

Textured labels: When art and technics combine to embellish your packaging

DB Premium is committed to bring you very high quality raw materials as well as an unsurpassed printing technique. Oublions le caractère purement nécessaire de l’étiquette adhésive et pensons étiquettes design.

Wooden labels

Committed to respecting the environment, DB Premium offers you materials like wood in order to give a natural and atypical aspect to your packaging.


Leather labels

Whether real textured leather or paper imitating leather, the patterns available are infinite. Votre packaging obtient une réelle valeur ajoutée et votre produit se démarque des autres


Textile labels

We offer you several types of textile, such as suedine, velvet and canvas. Our materials will have the effect you wish: your packaging will seduce your customers by its looks and its touch…


Metal labels

A finish like tin attracts you, but you are also concerned about protecting the environment?

Then choose our metal labels! They offer you a perfect visual illusion as well as a cold touch.


No-label look labels

The no-label look label will match the shape of your vial to merge into a single product: the best economic and ecological alternative to direct screen printing and engraving.

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