Hot stamping and cold gilding: A flamboyant visibility to highlight your products

marquage à chaud galbé

Used for millennia, the gilding technique has evolved and is now being used to enhance all your media and give your high end labels a luxury touch.

You wish for your packaging to shine and stands out by the quality of its printing? Color doesn’t satisfy you any longer and gilding attracts you by its refinement and esthetism?

Our experience with tints will seduce you and set you apart on a market always looking for innovation. Whether you wish it to be golden, silver, pink or blue, the gilding will have the right color to best suit your brand image.

DB Premium guides you at each step of the development process and bring you the solutions you need.

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Hot stamping, a bright technique for your luxury label

A process used in screen printing, hot stamping will give you an uncomparable printing precision. There are many colors available, and they will suit your packaging to highlight your brand.

A gilding foil is laid on the raw material after the warm-up of a tool. The hot stamping technique offers an unbeatable printing precision and a stamping of exceptional quality.

Your label will be transformed: from traditional gilding, golden or silver, to flamboyant colors and even holographic effects, your brand will really stand out.

You wish to give your label a supplementary embossing effect while keeping a glittering hot stamping? DB Premium offers you the curved golden which combines two techniques that we mastered: hot stamping and embossing.

Embossing gives your label an original touch. By combining it with hot stamping, your label will take on a new dimension and attract the eyes of your customers.

étiquette dorure

Cold gilding, a competitive solution for an exceptional finish

Cold gilding is used in flexography and will give you printing agility while obtaining a label with a clear added value. The surface of your label where you wish to see the gilding is covered with glue using a picture.

The surface naturally dries and becomes transparent. It is then that the gilding foil is laid on that surface and firmly pressed.

Combining printing agility, speed and added value, DB Premium supports you in your projects.

This solution gives you less choice of colors but will seduce you since it doesn’t necessarily require tools and is therefore cheaper.

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