Doming A unique sensory experience

Nowadays, to be noticed, a product needs singularity and esthetics. Your goal is to stand out and offer your customers a harmonious and original packaging.

You wish to transform your label so that it becomes a real marketing tool. Our innovation will take you on a journey of the senses thanks to its unique doming process.

Our doming solutions give you several possible finishes and can adapt to all your packagings. And on top of the luxury touch, doming also makes your label more resistant, especially to shocks and scratches.

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étiquette doming parfum

Enhancing of your luxury label

Usually used with a shiny finish, doming can also come in a matt finish which will give your packaging a modern touch. We also offer adding the fragrance of your choice to the resin in order to better promote your brand. The scent brings some added value to your packaging that becomes a real marketing tool.

You are constantly looking for innovation to propel your brand to the top?

DB Premium will work with you and offers you the best technologies available on the market.

étiquette doming couleur rouge à lèvre

Gloss finish

Doming is a process that consists in laying a resin on a printed label. With a drying process, the resin turns into a dome that enhances the colors of your label. Doming will seduce you with its transparency and its luxurious touch

étiquette doming mat

Matt finish

This technology gives a very much desired matt aspect and thus neutralizes the original gloss of doming obtained by the resin. Matt finishes are really on trend at the moment, and our unique know-how will give your luxury label a fashionable touch.

étiquette doming logo

Olfactory resin

The scent of your choice is integrated to the resin initially laid on the printed media. It can be a scent already existing or a tailor-made scent, like your perfume for example. Your customers will undoubtedly remember your fragrance and will immediately be seduced by your innovative energy.

Enjoy a third dimension: a foolproof flexibility

The resin laid on the adhesive label can be supple or rigid and can adapt to numerous media. After studying your specifications, the labels are domed to fit the curves of the surfaces on which they will be stuck.

étiquette domée

Geometrical doming

The resin laid can take the shape of your label: The most current cuttings are square, circular, rectangular, ovoid…

logo domé

Silhouette doming

The resin can also adapt to the curves of your choice, for example, to your logo. This relief gives a particular dimension to your packaging and will be a great way to set your brand apart.

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